Fallout 4!

I've been doing almost nothing but playing Fallout 4 lately. Feels good, man.

I think also that I want to reorganize this site pretty soon. Maybe smoosh the blog and sketchbook section into one new thing. 

I did a redditgetsdrawn thing c: It's basically just where users post a photo of themselves, and people can paint or draw their own version of it. Really useful for portrait practice. And I did some lady eye ballz for funsies.


Progress on the next Street Fighter print! I've been recording the painting process on this one, so that'll get released later along with the final art.


'Sup everyone, I just got back from the raddest of all honeymoons in Japan, and now it's time to crap-prep for Nebraskon. I realized I have like nothing new for this year, so I'm working on some Street Fighter prints. First up, Juri!

Normally I don't make clean lines before I start painting, but I gave it a shot this time and thought I'd share them if anyone out there just really wanted to try paintn' em up.

Scrap Station Sigma - Carakat Race

Hey everyone! I've been doing some character art lately for a game that just got greenlit on Steam called Scrap Station Sigma. Here are a couple of portraits of these cool submerged octopus-elephant looking aliens that you can recruit as mercenaries. :0

Also, bonus round! I recorded myself painting the last one, go watch it!


This one's got it all - studies, freelance work, fanart, commissions ... a sketchdump for the ages, truly.

New Art

Just dumping a couple of new things here. I was messing around with foliage stuff in this program called Paintstorm - the way it handles color blending is amazing, probably the best I've ever seen in a paint program, but because you can adjust adjust so much of the brush settings, the UI is a little overwhelming to me. I've seen a lot of really great art made with it though, so maybs just some more practice is all I need. 

And I did some anatomy work, because you can never do too much anatomy work.

O Comic Con + Digital Painting Process Video

Hey everyone :D Last weekend, I got the chance to have a table at the first ever O Comic Con, and it was great! I met some super cool artists (Chelsea Mann, Levi Hoffmeier, Artun Gokcen) and got to be booth neighbors with the wonderful guys from the Worst Comic Podcast Ever

I also got crazy busy with commissions (thank you to everyone who bought one!), and I'm still trying to catch up with them all. Here's one I finished today, along with a bonus process video from start to finish.


I got a new Cintiq! It's a Companion 2 and it's beautiful. My dream of slouching on the couch and painting is finally being realized. I drew a Bulbasaur for practice to get used to not having a keyboard and Ctrl+Z'ing every other stroke. 


Two little chubby birds claimed the birdhouse in my front yard and I've been watching them build their nest all morning. I'm excited to see their equally plump babies later. Hooray, spring!

Totoro Plaque

I painted with REAL ACTUAL PAINT you guys, it was weird. So many times I phantom ctrl+z'd. It's nice to have an actual physical thing to hold after completing a project, but man I do not miss cleaning up paint messes.  Also that one crooked ^ shape on totoro's stomach is driving me nuts and I can't stop focusing on it. o__o

Materials: Acrylic paint, colored pencils, a wood slice thing

Art Preview

Hey guys, here's a quick work-in-progress preview for an album cover I'm working on for TEOMAWKI. If you're into chiptunes, check him out. :D